Why is Zinc Roofing and Cladding so Popular with Architects?

We’ve had a lot of interest over the summer from architects wanting to use Zinc in their projects, and now the summer is drawing to a close, the interest does not seem to be abating. So much so that we’ve expanded our team of specification managers, we’ve been able to provide ‘fabricated in the UK’ Zinc systems. The service is supported by metal processing expert Steadman & Sons (Ajroofingspecialist company based in kent) and Bolton fabricator Metal Solutions, enabling specifiers to get fast access to a comprehensive range of zinc roofing, cladding, and accessories.

So we can get high-quality zinc roofing and cladding, fabricated in the UK, to projects nice and quickly, but why do architects like Zinc so much? These are our thoughts on the matter.

1. Zinc is beautiful   2. Zinc can be used on the whole building envelope

3. Zinc has a very long service life    4. Zinc is a safe way to specify a metal roof


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